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Online Appointment Scheduling

“I Have worked with Eppointments® and Physician Web Pages since 2003, and I don't know how I ever tolerated a paper and pen schedule! The personalized service is top-rate and there is always someone there to assist the less-than computer-geek in me. I would never work with any other company."

—Marcia J. Adelman MD,
Kensington, Maryland

A typical physician’s day starts very early, runs back-to-back appointments, includes appointments and consultations and ends late at night and then starts up all over again the very next day. Squeezing in an emergency patient, an unexpected conference, an inter-office meeting, sometimes even lunch is nearly impossible, until now!

Eppointments® online appointment software allows for a multitude of processes handled at the click of a button from any computer or PDA. Our software program allows you to check your schedule from your home computer or smart phone, receive reports from your office manager and track your office’s efficiency quickly and easily at your own convenience.

Online Appointments are the Future

Eppointments® online appointment software has both web-based and in-office options. Your staff with be confident with complete HIPPA compliance, privacy on a remote secure server and customization can be maintained for both appointment types and your staff schedules.

Focusing on quality care is your main objective and quite often difficult to maintain with the day-to-day workings of running an efficient office. Let Eppointments® show you how to make your life less stressful through online appointment scheduling. Our goal is to allow physicians and staff to run an efficient office while never losing sight of the patient’s needs. We are available, so call us toll free 866-376-7070 or email us for information at